Fashionable with Belt

Fashionable with Belt – Appear attractive and fashionable also not a difficult thing to do. Especially for women, they can apply what they have in order to look fashionable and trendy. Various types of accessories used..

Post On: 6 August 2016
August 6, 2016


Tricks Changing Old Jeans

Tricks Changing Old Jeans – Shown with the best clothes can make you more confident. One fashion that is often used is jeans. Perhaps you have experienced frustrating if your favorite jeans or oversized shrink after..

Post On: 5 August 2016
In: Style
August 6, 2016

tips to make jeans more durable

Tips for Jeans More Durable

Tips for Jeans More Durable – Using an outfit certainly did not escape from a fashion trend that brought it to be fun and a lot of the wear by several people. Wearing a fashion must..

Post On: 12 July 2016
In: Style
July 12, 2016