Easy Ways to Make A Smokey Eyes Makeup

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July 15, 2016

Easy Ways to Make A Smokey Eyes Makeup – Give a good appearance, perfect and beautiful also not a difficult thing to do for every woman. One way to be able to support the appearance that is applied makeup on the face to make it look more beautiful and attractive. Makeup trends change every moment with the times. However, there is some makeup style that is always in demand every woman who wants to look bold namely smokey eyes.

In addition to providing a strong character, eye makeup smokey eyes can cover the shortfall in the shape of the eye. This type of makeup is actually quite inspiring to be modified in a trend makeup eyeshadows. But not many of the few women who are afraid to try it because of the use of a rather confusing and finding results that do not comply. Actually, it’s not really difficult to achieve, it’s just a little takes practice and patience.

smokey eyes makeup

Everyone can try to see smokey eyes without worrying about not match the color of skin they have. This eye makeup can be applied within ten minutes and just focus on the eye alone. Here are the steps to apply smokey eye view classic style Boldsky reported.

The first thing to do before applying eyeshadow primer is applying eyeshadow on the eyelid. Be sure to also apply in the area under your eyes. Start by highlighting your eyebrow arch with shiny eyeshadow colors. You can put some sort of color shade as a base color that is in your eyeshadow palette.

Matte Eyeshadow
Then you apply the next makeup using textured matte brown eyeshadow. This is a transitional color in the crease of your eyelid. The colors blend well using a fluffy brush.

Gel Eyeliner
After that daubing black gel eyeliner across your eyelid. This user does not have to be too neat because later you’ll still confound it. Make lengthwise accents like wearing eyeliner, in general, up to look like the look of the wing. To cover the parts that are not perfect, take some matte black eyeshadow and blend.

Gray Eyeshadow
Then, apply the eyeshadow is also a charcoal gray around the eyelid and blend all shades together perfectly. Next, use an eyeliner pencil to outline the eyes with attractive.

You can enhance your entire look by applying 2-3 layers of mascara on your top lashes. This can help make your eyes sharp.

Next, use gel eyeliner to line the upper surface of the eye. This makes it look like you have eyelashes really dense. Well, that’s the whole step by step procedure of the classic smokey eyes look to you. For those of you who want to try to give the impression smokey eyes make up your views, you can apply these steps. Additionally, you can also add smokey eyes make up this list into your makeup.

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