Stay Beautiful Skin Tips When Pregnant

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June 1, 2016

Stay Beautiful Skin Tips When Pregnant – Every woman in this world always wants to look beautiful with make-up simple yet beautiful side shows. Make-up used may be the make-up that reflects your personal.


Just as women who are pregnant. They also should always look beautiful to not make the mother bored. When pregnant in addition to body shape changes, hormonal changes, too. These changes occur, including in the area of the skin. Normally the skin will turn dull and greasy, restrictions on the use skincare that gives the effect of brightening also be the cause of it.

But do not worry, you can still have beautiful skin during pregnancy by doing the following tips.

1. Using a mask with cold powder
You can use the mask three times a week with a cold powder, and using basic ingredients such as rice. Benefits of rice contained in a cold powder able to restore a bright hue in the face naturally, in addition to the rice can absorb excess oil on the face.

2. Scrubs and use sunblock
In addition to diligent use of masks, scrubs and using sunblock can also cope with dry biscuits and keep it clean while pregnant.

3. Always willing to beauty product in make-up pouch
Blotting paper, because since pregnant dry skin condition that had been turned into a combination. Pressed powder for touch-ups after the use of blotting paper. Lastly, stained lip balm, it is very important that the face does not look pale and lips remain moist.

Once you know a few tips to keep your skin beautiful and healthy, you can apply it at home. However, surely you choose make-up products that are not harmful to the skin and also for your baby, you also need to choose make-up products that can represent you as a pregnant woman who remains always look beautiful and healthy.

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