Tips for Jeans More Durable

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July 12, 2016

Tips for Jeans More Durable – Using an outfit certainly did not escape from a fashion trend that brought it to be fun and a lot of the wear by several people. Wearing a fashion must also be in accordance with ourselves and based on whether or not we are comfortable using these clothes. One type of clothing that was and is still a trend to wear today is Jeans.

Jeans never die with age. One fashion icon is always used on various occasions. Due to being one of the basic items that are required, and is often used as a daily outfit, of course, jeans should be treated properly. Here are seven simple ways and easy to maintain the durability of your own jeans.

tips to make jeans more durable

To still look attractive and comfortable to wear, this one turns basic items should be treated with care. Often worn in many events, to be sure your jeans should experience some problems such as stains or a bad odor. To be more durable jeans, try these seven easy ways to take care of favorite jeans, as quoted from page Boldsky.

1. Baking Soda
This material is very fitting used to remove small blemishes favorite jeans. Mix baking soda and water and brush firmly stained area with an old toothbrush. As a result, stubborn stains can be lost and make the jeans look cleaner.

2. Drying Reversed
Often confused overcome color jeans that fade after washing them? Now, before washing and drying, make sure your jeans upside down in a state where the outside is later exposed to chemicals and direct sunlight.

3. Refrigerator
The unpleasant smell of tough jeans off and disappear? Spot cooling in the refrigerator can be a convenient and economical alternative. Simply input the jeans in a plastic bag, a key meeting place open section. Wait for the results with scents such as jeans for the first time buy in a store.

4. Salt
The new jeans are usually the color will fade when first washed. Well, so this does not happen, mix the salt with water and then dip your new jeans. This prevents color fading of jeans for the first time purchased.

5. Warm Water
Often find your favorite jeans began to loosen waist? Maybe she needed only washed with warm water. Using warm water and dry them while still warm, able to prevent this from happening.

6. Pull Part Waist
When not in use a long time, usually jeans would be the stiff and narrow waist. To back loosened, simply wash with plain water, but after drying with waist-drawn. When wet, the withdrawal waist jeans were able to restore suppleness.

7. Powder
Pour some of the powder on the stained area and leave for a whole night. The efficacy of the powder is able to absorb stubborn stain on your favorite jeans.

Well, for those of you who have jeans at home, let always take care that your jeans are not easily damaged and can last a long time. You can use the above tips to take care of your jeans.

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