Women Prefer Sneakers Than High Heels

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July 11, 2016

Women Prefer Sneakers Than High Heels – In this globalization era, everything takes time, fast and efficient. The accuracy and the speed of time are needed to offset the need for more and more and are not likely to be postponed again. Many of the world’s citizens finally had to choose something that can be deployed quickly without having to wait longer

One of the most support in many ways is the style of dress. The style of dress you are required to always look perfect with a short time, it makes some women requires precision and speed in many ways one of them is to choose clothes and also wearing clothes or accessories that can help to perform daily activities.

women prefer sneakers than high heels

In general, the dress is a matter that must be noted, one is to wear the appropriate accessories to clothing worn. One of the most important in order to support the style of dress is wearing shoes. Women today choose to wear sneakers or shoes without high heels. This is because women are conscious about their health when wearing high heels.

According to Yong Komaladi as designer shoes, now many stylish women wearing flat shoes or sneakers. High heels are no longer interested women. “Now that a lot of women who are already conscious about their health. Now, they prefer to wear flat shoes or sneakers,” said Yong. To that end, Yong began making unique flat shoes keep balance out the latest shoe trends.

“The trend that’s a fashion item with the most likes people. For that, start looking for a variety of these shoes,” said Yong. Yong also provides examples to design shoes with ethnic motifs in it. For example, there are accented batik or weaving on the shoe to make her stay stylish. “Many things can be done, ranging from the designing of shoes as possible. For example, applying the traditional fabrics like batik or weaving in these shoes,” added Yong.

Use of sneakers can also save time, because by using sneakers, you can run fast. It is appropriate if you live in a metropolitan area and requires you to always work quickly and efficiently.

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