Tutoring Fees and Fashion Young Girl’s USD 21 Million per Month

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May 31, 2016

Tutoring Fees and Fashion Young Girl’s 21 Million USD per Month – This British girl just 11 years old.
Many parents want their children to be active in several extracurricular activities to expand the horizons of their children. One is Bobbie Port, a stockbroker from Essex, England are very interested in making her daughter who was 11 years old to do a lot of activities. Therefore, the 31-year-old man would spend his money around 21 million USD per month for lessons and fashion. Lili-Rae Izatt Port perform a variety of extracurricular activities, such as dancing, swimming, golf, French language lessons and playing the violin. In fact, her parents, Bobbie and Leanne will give a gift to their daughter if Lili managed to do all of these activities after school.

The way they educate Lili criticized by many people. They are rated to force his daughter to do all these activities to the satisfaction of the parents, but Bobbie and her stepmother, Leanne said that they just wanted to give Lili best start in life. Even Lili said, her parents did not encourage hers to do that, rather, they support her hobby. Lili was deeply fortunate to have the opportunity to do many things and get a lot of gifts from great academic value and hard work that it does.

Lili-Rae Izatt Port“I’m just a normal kid. I did ballet, dancing, swimming, football and golf, as well as playing the violin and learn French. I do after school, but it was not exhausting, I feel good,” said the young girl who aspires to be a designer or a stock broker, as reported by the Daily Mail.

In addition to doing a lot of things, Lili also have a closet that is heavily filled with designer clothes. She goes to school wearing shoes and bags labeled Prada brand Longchamp. In addition to cost about 21 million USD per month, parents Lili promised to give their children money amounting to 200 million dollars if it can master the French language and musical instruments at the age of 16 years.

Leanne said that Lili was very smart and talented, but behind it, Lili as other children. “She worked hard and got good results, that are eligible for the prize,” she said.

The details of the costs incurred Lili’s parents for a month, to practice golf, dancing, and swimming each 1 million dollars. As for the French violin lessons and 1.6 million respectively. In addition, maintenance costs amounting to 5 million dollars and 10 million dollars fashion.

Are you going to give your child les fashion on the price is quite fantastic as it was? All depends on you and your kids, they have pleasure in activities in which they live, and they quickly get bored. If you want to see your children will be engaged in the world of fashion, you should not forget the wishes of those who like what. As a parent, you can support any activity they do.

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