Choosing Matched Haircuts for Men Face Shape

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June 28, 2016

Choosing Matched Haircuts for Men Face Shape – Not only the women who always take care about their looks, men also have a concern and always pay attention to their appearance. This makes them more fashionable as well as fashionable. However, like women, men also have problems when their appearance does not match with what is desired.

One of the problems that are usually experienced by men is a hair cut. Men sometimes feel confused when to cut his hair. Unlike women who have varied models, he just simply has an impressed haircut that’s it. Because of that, they have always been confused by a model that never changes.

Actually, the problem is only experienced by those who do not have the appropriate hairstyle. Sometimes they were confused because according to them, the haircut applied is based solely on one source. Well, now there is no harm for men’s haircut according to the shape of his face. Two hairdressers, namely Tara Russell Cordeiro Angley and reveal some tricks, as reported Goodhousekeeping.

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Diamond Face
For men who have a diamond face shape, characterized by the shape of cheekbones quite wide. Therefore, a suitable haircut is long being model layers with bangs to the side.

Longitude Face
Longitude face shape is characterized by jaw bone as wide cheekbones, then your head is longer than its width. Then the pieces fit is the classic model with maintaining the upper side length hair and tapered at the sides.

Heart Face
If the forehead and wide cheekbones and tapered chin, you can use this hairstyle. Haircut with shorter side then combs the hair to the back. If you are a fan of the beard or a beard, then maintain a beard on the side of the face to add the illusion of a longer face.

Oval Face
Oval face shapes have a face that is longer than its width, whose forehead was slightly wider than the jaw. Lucky for you that has an oval face as the most ideal and suitable to any hair style. As long piece or a short piece that simple.

Rectangular Face
For those of you, who have a face shape is longer than its width, choose a hairstyle that can add volume to the face. You can choose the pieces are short and flat. Avoid hairstyles that can make your face look even longer. Choose a hairstyle that adds facial volume. You can grow a beard or a beard.

Round Face
If you have a round face shape, Angley recommend choosing a haircut volume at the top. You can ask the stylist to give pieces undercut style. Then if you are brave enough, use wax to shape it like a faux hawk.

Square Face
Have you a square face shape? Then you have in common with actor Brad Pitt, who has a jaw the same width as the forehead. A face that has a structure that is very strong and prominent jawline is suitable for short and neatly so dogleg face look smoother.

Well, for those of you who always want to look fashionable with its attractive appearance, the above tips you can apply to have the perfect appearance. So, now you do not need to be confused for a hair cut.

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