This Habits Causes of Acne

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June 28, 2016

This Habits Causes of Acne – For every woman, has the appearance of a clean, beautiful and healthy too, can boost their confidence. However, some problems can occur if they are not treating facial skin well. Nevertheless, excessive facial skin care can also cause serious problems in your skin. One of the common problems that occur on the skin is acne problems.

Acne problems can happen to anyone. Not only teenagers, and even adults one could also have acne. As a teenager, oily skin is often the main cause of acne. When growing up, cosmetics are also one of the causes of acne. Here is a habit that can cause acne as reported from Boldsky.

habits causes acne

Do Not Clean The Makeup
One of the biggest mistakes made woman can cause acne is makeup to bed without cleaning. So, always remember to always clean your face before bed.

Cleaning Face Often
Clean your face too often can also increase the possibility of facial acne. Moreover, when the face is acne, a habit that will only make things worse. When washing your face more than twice a day, it will make the skin dry, and when the skin is dry, there will be more oil is produced, which trigger acne more.

Daily Skin Care Products
If you have facial acne-prone skin, use sunscreen or a moisturizer could be the reason behind acne. The materials in it, such as mineral oil is very heavy and can clog pores, causing acne.

Products Containing Certain Ingredients
Ingredients such as sulfur, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide dry skin, which can cause acne, and also make an oily face.

Hair Care Products
Always be sure to wash the face and chest properly, as hair care products often contain high silicon that can clog pores and cause acne on the chest, back or hairline.

Anti-Aging Products
Using anti-aging products at an early age can lead to acne. Therefore, anti-aging products contain many, if used prematurely can actually trigger skin problems.

For those of you who are always doing these habits, begin to reduce it in order to keep you less susceptible to serious acne problems. This is not only good for health and beauty skin, you also can get skin free from acne problems.

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