Simple Casual Style Trend Still Dominate 2016

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June 27, 2016

Simple Casual Style Trend Still Dominate 2016 – The world of fashion with trends in it moving quickly and very dynamic. This is because most designers the world always has a creative design to have its own place in the hearts of every fashion lover.

Fashion designers the world always has a variety of creative ideas to improve their fashion collections became more support and better again. Some of them even always have new innovations in style dressing in order to enliven the world fashion industry.

simple and casual style clothing

But of the many new trends and old trends that go back into the world of fashion hits in the world, especially in the fashion world in mid-2016. Trends such as whether that still dominates overall? Trends to steal the hearts of all who see and also the wear, capable of providing its own impression. Karina Soegarda as assistant manager of H & M does not hesitate to share the leaked regarding fashion trends in the world.

“Up in the second quarter, or until near the end of 2016, I saw the display style of dress either women or men. The style display with the theme of simple and casual still will always be in style and so the dominance of major themes in the world of fashion. Fashion world in general,”said Karina who met in the special H & M Studio collection.

Karina added, the trend is a simple and casual style of a display will coincide with the dominant material clothing materials, which are lightweight and comfortable. Because with the development, the mobility of the urban lifestyle will increase.

For those of you who always pay attention to trends in the world of fashion, perhaps dressed with casual style trends this simple you can afford to make as one of your fashion styles. You can also add some accessories that you have your own fashion style, otherwise it so you look more attractive.

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