Christian Louboutin Collection Lip Gloss Releases

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June 21, 2016

Christian Louboutin Collection Lip Gloss Releases – Every advance the world fashion industry, it must be supported by people who are creative, capable of supporting the advancement of its fashion industry. In addition, always keep the quality that are not easily imitated by other products, as well as creative design can bring a variety of awesome compliment.

The world fashion industry is waiting for the launch of one of the famous brand. Christian Louboutin brand is known for shoes. However, what if the French brand just released a collection of cosmetics such as lip gloss? Yes, the series of this collection is named ‘Loubilaque‘, with intense color and more realistic color levels. Unlike other sticky lip gloss and transparency, lip gloss alerts Christian Louboutin has a creamy texture.

Loubotin's new lip gloss collection

Each item presented in a mermaid tail-shaped container with a cover like a crown of transparent golden color. By adding a strap at the top, this lip gloss can be used as a necklace. The colors were presented were varied, such as shades of pink, nude, scarlet, red to dark. However, one of the most special is the Rouge Louboutin.

Where this type of Rouge Louboutin has the same color with the characteristic red soles of shoes. In fact, when eight more lipgloss item has a crown of gold, Rouge Louboutin has a silver crown.

“Creation cosmetics Christian Louboutin was inspired by the story of his old love with lipstick. Not only is the color red, but he has long admired the lipstick from China and Japan. For his design, he was inspired by the skin material, to create an iconic accessory to touch the shiny, “said the Christian Louboutin in a press release, as quoted from UsWeekly, Wednesday (06/22/2016).

For those of you who want to have it, be prepared to set aside money amounting to USD85. The series ‘Loubilaque’ will be available on the market on July 1. By always pay attention to the quality of a product is created, it is also to always pay attention to detail a design of the product, then you can always create work that is able to be the best for the world fashion industry.

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