Metallic Nail Trends Become Savings On Social Media

Post On: 20 June 2016
June 20, 2016

Metallic Nail Trends Become Savings On Social Media – Beauty trend becomes more developed at this time for their advancement of technology that can help anyone find and spread the beauty trends they have. One of the beauty trend most influential in the world of beauty is decorate nails.

Not long ago motif bracelet nails a trend in the world. But this trend soon be eliminated with the new trends, nail mirror or metallic colors. The latest beauty trend is quite amazing, because it can make the nails look attractive.

Videos uploaded in the social media shows the initial application starts with a base coat nail gel and some colors that can be selected to reflect light. In addition, some women also use paint glittery or metallic colors to get the look reflective.

metallic and mirror nails become trendy

Some are using different colors, including lilac or dark gray to get a mirror effect. This nail can not to reflect but only has exotic and modern luster to apply for weeks.

Besides, we can also get tricky accent jewelry shaped colorful little gem. While one blogger Korean beauty, Alicia Yoon was one of the first to try this trend and upload it in she admitted in Instagram. She explained that this trend started sticking in Seoul and metallic nail models has become a favourite of Korean women today.

“It looks interesting because it uses the ropes and looks like a really twisted on your nails. It uses rhinestones with charm accents little gem attached to a nail artificially by using tweezers and this is a long process to take two and a half hours,” said Alicia, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Apart from this, you can not deny that the trend is very beautiful nails. This nail trend is inspired by the friendship bracelet featuring everything from tiny beads colorful. For those who are thinking of trying this at home nail trend, you should forget. Therefore, this can only be done by people who are reliable and professional.

However, for those of you who want to try and want to apply it at home to engage in activities outside the home in their daily life, you can begin to learn to apply it.

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