Wrong Shavers Causes Black Armpit

Post On: 19 June 2016
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June 19, 2016

Wrong Shavers Causes Black Armpit – Has the appearance that is always beautiful and attractive also can make you more confident. By doing some maintenance, have a perfect appearance is no longer something that can not be obtained.

However, when we’re doing activities outside the home with very hot weather conditions will cause the body to be full of sweat. The sweat can actually cause problems, with the advent of bad odor and sweat stains on the area. The sweat is posing a disturbing odor usually comes from the armpits, therefore, many of the women who have activities outside the home ended up wearing sleeveless.

black armpit caused by wrong shaver

It actually does not bother you if you have a good appearance. However, when you are wearing a sleeveless, then your arm will be clearly visible and dark underarm able to kill your confidence. Black armpit is one factor that can make someone look bad appearance. Especially when wearing a tank top or sleeveless shirt.

Well, for those of you who have black colored armpit should immediately pay attention to how to cut your underarm hair. “Yes this is because the way to cut your underarm hair, armpit black because the rough treatment that black is a form of trauma care of it,” said dr. Fika daughter Astehetica B.Med.Sci, MARS.

Yes, the rough treatment such as the use of razors that are too big pressure and make a cut could be a major factor in making armpit black. “Yes it is because the shaver is pressed too hard so armpit trauma injuries and blackened,” she explained.

By using the shaver armpit hair on the right, then you do not need to fear going to get a black armpit that can interfere with your appearance. In addition, using the armpit hair shaver that can actually make you more confident as this does not interfere with your appearance as well as to add to your confidence.

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