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May 30, 2016

Beauty Trends Most Popular Now – The times make everyone’s tastes beauty innovate every time. Changes are present is never constant. In fact, the world is impressed by the unique beauty and unusual.
So that looks beautiful and attractive, they often do a lot of unique things and become a trend that is loved. Even so beauty trends targeting the hair and make-up has been followed by many young women who want to look different. Here, some of the most unique beauty trend this century, you need to know, as reported by the Metro.

One is the placement of glitter under the eyebrow. This beauty techniques such as pasting some glitter under your eyebrows, so it will not damage your original eyebrows. But the placement of any glitter should be just below the brow line. As this trend serves as a highlight on brow bone. In addition, the application of blue eyeshadow is also becoming a trend. It will make you look more daring and different.
In addition to applying glitter under the eyebrows, you can also sprinkle some glitter on the cheeks to the forehead. In addition, the glitter in the hair roots is also becoming a trend. The appearance of your hair with added glitter at the root of this will make it more attractive.eyes glitter

If the first to apply the patch jewels in the hair becoming a trend in the ’90s, now it is repeated again in 2016. It has a lot of young people do in various parts of the world to give a different impression on his hair.
Hairdo by forming motifs such as colorful polka-dot shape is also on the rise. To get this look, of course, you have to go to a professional hair stylish.
In addition, a unique braid hairstyle are also in vogue. One of them, braid at the middle parting. Other types of braids are braids loose and complicated and requires special techniques, so you need to ask for the help of an expert who can braid and arrange in such a way.
While the bun also being preferred, especially a double knot at the top of the head. Likewise bun that resembles a pair of horns is no less popular.braiding hair

Bold metallic lipstick color is becoming a booming lately. This trend has become a favorite for the summer. In addition to metallic colors, bold lipstick colors is equally prestige, because can make your face more character and firmly. iconic lips

Whereas in the past the color of the tattoo is very far from the white, but the white color is more loved. Even some women decorate their hands with hena tattoo white when they will get married.
In addition to tattoos on the skin, hair and tattoos on experiencing the same thing. This may be one of the most iconic hairstyle trends of this century. However, you should prune the bottom of your hair by creating a line of art as desired or so-called skin hairhairs tattos

After reading some of the explanations above, you can use some of fashion nowadays that are in demand by many people.

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