Exotic Animals Maintained By Super Rich People in Dubai

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June 17, 2016

Exotic Animals Maintained By Super Rich People in Dubai – Everyone will want to have their beloved pet. Anybody would want to show off the animals were maintained because their satisfaction will be the pet itself. Some of the world’s super rich like to flaunt their wealth through cyberspace just to show its status. In addition to demonstrating luxury cars and private jets, the latest thing they have done is to show off pets.

Because they are super rich, it is not funny cats or adorable dogs that became domesticated, but exotic animals, such as tigers, cheetahs, and lions. And they showcase ‘jewelry‘ is into her account on Instagram. For example, photographs cheetahs are driving a luxury car or image they were swimming together with lions in the pool. One of the most prolific super rich who flaunt her picture along with an unusual pet that is Humaid AlBuQaish

exotic pet for Dubai super rich

He had quite a lot of big cats and exhibited thousands of followers on Instagram. Although it is not known what the man’s job, a lavish lifestyle show that Humaid rich enough to host a zoo at his residence. And the big cat into a favourite animal that is routinely him show off his account. He also shared a video of himself hugging his other hand stroked chimpanzees and tigers.

While the account owner Hendfq upload photos lion cub in a bag labeled Louis Vuitton into account on Instagram. He said that in the Arab countries is very easy to tame wild animals such as cheetahs. In the title picture, he wrote that the photo is not a show off but to make everyone happy.

“I do not have these animals in person, but some friends and my cousin had the animal. The purpose of this image to put a smile on your face, not for show but wanted to share with my followers on Instagram,” he said, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

While Humaid share a video showing a toddler playing with a cheetah. In addition, there are also photos of bikini-clad woman who was chatting with a cheetah. While in another photo, cheetah wandering past a yellow Lamborghini.

Cheetah seems to have become a very popular choice as a pet in Dubai. With the proud owners to upload their activity in their account. Cheetah be a popular choice in comparison to other big cats because it has speed than strength. They are not as strong as lions and tigers, and have smaller heads, allowing them to run from attackers in the wild rather than against it.

exotic pet

Besides the big cats and chimpanzees, there are also other exotic animals that became domesticated super rich in Dubai, the lemur, a small primate of Southeast Asia. Gentle nature creature that has made it popular in the illegal pet trade.

However, the slow loris is a poisonous mammals, which can make people experience anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock is a life-threatening allergy that is characterized by a decrease in blood pressure suddenly and narrowing of the airways, which causes people to faint into unconsciousness.

So, for those of you who want to keep animals like the above, you should know some of the risks that could have happened to you if you maintain it. Instead, you have a veterinarian and animal handler to avoid unwanted things later.

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