Five Most Beautiful and Fashionable Royal Princess

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June 17, 2016

Five Most Beautiful and Fashionable Royal Princess – Every woman would always want to look beautiful and elegant in every activities they do. Their appearance is to support confidence and also so that other people happy. Being a princess of a kingdom is a dream of every woman in the world. Not only wallowing in wealth, but also will get the throne of fame.

A daughter is basically not only beautiful but they are also required to have a good personality and attractive appearance. In some countries the monarch, there are some royal princess will stand out than others, such as beauty, wit or fashion.

Here are five royal princess of the world’s most beautiful and fashionable, based Planet Top 10.

Rania Al-Yasin from JordanRania Al-Yasin from Jordan
Queen Rania is the wife of the leader of Jordan, King Abdullah II of Jordan. These two lovebirds meeting took place in 1993, where King Abdullah II when it was still a prince attended a charity dinner event and meet Rania.

It did not take long for about two months later, the two married and now she has become a mother for the fourth baby. Rania was born in Kuwait City on August 31, 1970 It has a beautiful face and intelligent, as well as the style of dress that is always pleasing to the eye.

Mary Elizabeth of Denmark
While quoted Who What Wear, Crown Princess of Denmark were selected as the most fashionable princess in the world earlier this year, beating the Duchess of Cambridge and Maxima, Queen of the Netherlands. It is based on a survey conducted one of the magazines. Mary is the wife of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark as well as heir to the throne of the country.

Women born February 5, 1972 got married in 2003 and now has four children. Not only beautiful, Mary also plays an active role in promoting anti-bullying program in shade Save The Children and campaigns about skin cancer. Apart from its activities, he has a good sense of fashion and is often likened to Kate Middleton.

Charlene of Monaco
Princess Charlene is the wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco. Of marriage they had three children. Before marriage, a woman 38 years this is a swimmer from South Africa. Beautiful woman with a background is also seen athletes so fashionable in some instances such as in one of the pictures with her husband. At that time, she appeared wearing a sexy dress with salted egg blue.

Kate Middleton from EnglandKate Middleton & Prince William from England
Princess Catherine Middleton, known as Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William. Their meeting occurred at ST Andrews University, Scotland in 2001.

Although it has officially become one of the British royal family, Kate Middleton still looks far from a life of luxury. The mother of two children always look elegant and understated role in every occasion.

Letizia of Spain
Queen Letizia, wife of King Felipe VI of Spain. Before she married Felipe, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano is a journalist and newsreader. 43-year-old woman married Prince Felipe in May 2004 in Madrid, Spain.

Both are known to have a simple lifestyle, and close to the people. Talking about beauty, mother of two children at their maximum at every opportunity. One appearance when attending official events, with a very beautiful coat wearing pink.

By having a good heart and intelligence that can be used to help others, besides you appear to attract as graceful appearance, you will be liked and well respected by many people because of character and personality that is much more beautiful.

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