Easy Tips to Avoid Stains in Wet Armpit

Post On: 15 June 2016
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June 15, 2016

Easy Tips to Avoid Stains in Wet Armpit – When you’re doing a lot of activities outside the home and the weather conditions were very hot, you should wear clothing that is cool if worn on your body. You have done so when you’re sweaty, will be easily absorbed by your clothes.

However, what if when the sweat is absorbed by your clothes and cause stains? Especially if the stain is located in the armpits. You may no longer feel confident about it.

avoiding wet armpit

Stains on clothing due to wet armpits certainly make less confident and unobtrusive appearance. So how to avoid this embarrassing incident? Here are tips from Gunjan Gaur, a make-up expert and executive director of ALPS Cosmetic Clinics. As reported, Times of India, Wednesday (15/06/2016)

– Protect Armpit with Sweat Pads
Try wearing protective underarm sweat pads or embedded in the clothes you wear. Sweat pad will absorb excessive sweating in the armpits and keep your underarm skin remains dry. So that the sweat stains will not stick to your clothes.

– Antiperspirant
Deodorant rated yet too powerful to overcome this problem? Switch on antiperspirants, try using antiperspirants in order to stay dry armpits.

– Shave Armpit Hair Regularly
This will help stabilize the accumulation of sweat in the armpit area. Because ritual shave her armpits when done regularly will eliminate bacteria and germs are hidden in the armpit area so one of the main causes of wet armpits. It also can avoid body odor of course.

– Rinse with Tissue
Wiping the armpit area can be done with dry tissues or wet wipes. Wipe and dry armpit whenever excessive armpit began to feel wet. Dry tissue and wet wipes are very easy to carry anywhere. Wipe and dry your armpits every time you go to the bathroom, it can make you feel more refreshed and lightened because of blood sweat free.

By doing these three tips, you no longer need to worry about the stains on the armpits wet. Now, you can look with confidence at all times.

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