Hiding Acne with Make Up

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August 11, 2016

Hiding Acne with Make Up – For every woman, has a beautiful appearance perfect is an honor, let alone have a face smooth and without problems into the desire of all people. However, if the acne suddenly appeared on the face will make you less confident. Inflamed acne on the face is very annoying and concise way that is normally chosen to hide it is with the help of make-up.

Well, here are some steps to camouflage acne, as quoted from the pages of Glamour. But before doing so, you need to prepare a hand sanitizer, concealer, foundation, cotton, and eyeshadow primer.

acne makeup

1. Sanitation acne area
This may sound strange, but the use of hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer in the area of acne can help reduce the oil content in the layers. You can use a cotton bud or swab to applying around the area of acne as the most basic step.

2. Application of eyeshadow primer
Eyeshadow primer capable of preventing makeup moves to another area. For that, the user can do before applying concealer. Applying eyeshadow primer to the surface of acne in addition to disguise also makes concealer and the foundation does not fall apart. The trick, apply a primer eyeshadow colorless to acne and the surrounding area, then blend with the finger with a light touch.

3. Cover with foundation and concealer
For this stage, apply concealer after applying an eyeshadow primer. Afterwards, stack it with foundation. You can add a layer of concealer and foundation until you feel the acne has been obscured. You can also use the small cotton to spruce up the makeup until the redness of acne can be masked. You can also add a sweep of powder to flatten.

Well, for those of you who want to get the perfect look with makeup, you can use the above stages to disguise your acne annoying.

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