Tips Contouring for the Dark Skin

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August 10, 2016

Tips Contouring for the Dark Skin – To get their beautiful appearance and also interesting, every woman must always use a variety of ways they can perform in accordance with what they want. One of the most frequent and carried out by many women is the makeup. There are various techniques in makeup that can be applied in order to suit the needs and also fit the shape of the face.

Apply makeup games facial contour technique has now become the choice some women. Commonly known as makeup contouring, the technique has the function to correct deficiencies in the face. One celebrity who likes the makeup technique is Kim Kardashian. In fact, the wife of Kanye West, dubbed the queen contouring, for his penchant to apply contouring the face.

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Makeup with contouring techniques can make the face look gaunter, covered the chubby cheeks or chubby, by creating the illusion of a wide forehead and jaw imperfect becomes perfect. However, to apply and get the desired results, according to Saskia Novita, Senior Manager Consultant Jafra Cosmetics at the same time, need to watch and matching with the color of the skin.

“Before applying makeup contouring, it is better to choose the color shade according to your skin tone,” she said. She suggested choosing the color of two to three levels darker than skin color. Moreover, Saskia added, for women who have darker skin, avoid applying white color as proofreaders.

According to her, the most appropriate for the owner of dark skin is cream color corrector. Because if you use other colors will actually make the display becomes charming. “Women with dark skin, use a creamy color contouring, it looks more natural. To close circles under the eyes, use the color orange as a proofreader,” she said.

Well, for those of you who have darker skin, you can follow these tips in order to deliver good results.

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