Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Beauty

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August 10, 2016

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil for Beauty – To get their inner and outer beauty, for every woman there are many things that can be very helpful to get it. One way is to use vitamins. Vitamin E oil is very beneficial for the hair and skin beauty. This oil can treat and provide natural moisture to skin and hair.

Oil sold in capsules or vials This can apply in any of your daily beauty routines, such as skin and foot creams, hair care and more. Even using these oils can save you money from buying many different skin care products. And here are a variety of benefits apply vitamin E oil to your beauty, as reported from Tips and Beauty.

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1. Skin Serum
Vitamin E oil capsules can be used as a natural skin serum for all skin types by mixing together some lavender oil. Puncture oil capsules of vitamin E, take two to three drops and mixed with the same drops of lavender oil. Mix the olive oil and gently massage into the face. Oil mixture is very nice to moisturize dry skin.

2. The Hand’s Cream
Mix two to three drops of vitamin E oil with two to three drops of coconut oil. Then use the mixture to massage your hands every evening. Vitamin E can treat and heal burns or other wounds in the skin effectively.

3. Nail Cream
Apply vitamin E oil on your nails and cuticles every night before bed to get smooth cuticles and nails stronger. Vitamin E oil can also make your nails shine.

4. Serum Under The Eyes
Serum under the eyes can be made with vitamin E oil and mix a few drops of pure olive oil. You can apply it under the eyes, by means of a gentle massage. These oils will brighten the eye area and diminish the bottom of the dark circles under the eyes effectively.

5. Foot Cream
Mix half a teaspoon of Vaseline oil and vitamin E. Use this mixture on the toe and heel to moisturize rough and dry feet and improve the condition of cracked heels.

6. Hair Serum
To tame the messy hair and wrinkled, you can try vitamin E oil as a hair serum. Cut a vitamin E capsule and mix with two drops of jojoba oil. Then, pour in the palm of the hand and rub gently into the hair matted and unruly. Should apply when the hair is dry. Besides being able to refine, can also protect hair from sun damage.

7. Cure Itchy Scalp
When your scalp itch, scalp massage with a mixture of coconut oil and oil vitamin E.

8. Moisturizing Skin
Vitamin E oil can be used at night as a moisturizer to dry skin. Pour the oil vitamin E two to three drops, mixed with three to four drops of glycerin in the palm of the hand. Then massage the face gently. Both of these materials are excellent for nourishing dry face.

Well, for those of you who enjoy using vitamin E oil, you do not have to worry about the impact that could have been caused, because the oil vitamin E proved to be very helpful to take care of your beauty.

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