Note the Following When Doing Eye Makeup

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July 28, 2016

Note the Following When Doing Eye Makeup – Being a woman, it must very make you feel a little bit hard with all the things that must be considered. As with clothing that should be worn according to the event that will be attended or according to his own will. As a complement of fashion super fancy, usually the women will add makeup to make it look perfect and are also more visible life. One of the things that must be considered in makeup is eye makeup.

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Eye makeup was very easy, as long as if know how. If you’re studying makeup or eye makeup and confused start from where following appropriate guidelines on how the eye makeup eye shape. “When the eyes are better to decorate attention beforehand what kind of shape your eye. Let you are not wrong in wearing eye makeup,” said Make-Up Artist Christina Martha in a Press Conference Fresh Kon Alluring Eyes. For example, you have small eyes. To create a great silhouette, then the bold line the eyes with eyeliner. Then, in the middle of the eye eyeliner, better underlined than corners of the eyes.

“For small eyes, wearing eyeliner, keep the central part of his boldly look great,” she said. As for the big eyes, eyeliner smeared with elongated shapes that are already big eyes looks grim. “If the eye were grown wear eyeliner with let baseball looks elongated want to be like feeding people,” she explained. Then after wearing eye makeup with eyeliner, to sharpen your beautiful eyes. You can choose to wear a contact lens with a natural color.

Well, for those of you who want to apply makeup when going away, you have to pay attention to it so that you do not get excessive makeup can make you look worse. Thus, then your appearance will become more attractive and beautiful.

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