Reason Buttons layout of Men and Women Different

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July 21, 2016

Reason Buttons layout of Men and Women Different – When someone is wearing a shirt, both men and women will always do the buttons neatly so that the appearance of being more courteous and become better. Conducting do the buttons not an unusual thing to do because it’s everyone wearing clothes that have buttons must have memorized and be aware of the location of their shirt buttons.

However, not many people realize shirt buttons men and women have a different layout or counterclockwise. In the men’s shirt or clothing, buttons are usually on the right side. While the woman was on the left side.

women and men button's shirt

There are several reasons underlying the different placement of the side buttons. Find out more about the compelling reasons why there are differences in the position of buttons on men’s shirts and women, as reported from the following Boldsky.

Right Hand
Back to the past, which is usually when the dress, the woman is assisted by an attendant, who is right-handed people. While men usually dress more simply and not helped anyone.

It Is Easier To Breastfeed
During the war, he used to use a sword in his right hand and unbuttoned with his left hand, which will make it easier for them. In women, they hold the baby in his left hand, where it would be easy for them to unbutton when feeding with the right hand.

How To Sit
When riding horses, women and men have a different way of sitting. When she sat down with a sideways position, while men do not. Buttons on the left side of women will help them reduce the wind as possible about their shirts.

Want A Different
Women wanted to prove that they are equal to men. They took most of the features menswear but wish there was a little touch to show that they are different.

After knowing the reason why the layout of buttons on clothes men and women differently, you might begin to notice the difference and start searching for the truth. That’s really the difference caused by thinking men and also women.

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